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Vasile Alecsandri Square; one of the biggest squares in Europe.
Coat of Arms of Bălţi
Flag of Bălţi Coat of Arms of Bălţi
Status Municipality of Bălţi
Communes Sadovoe, Elizavetovca
Mayor Vasile Panciuc
City from 1421
Population 137 000(2004)
Area: 71 km²
Population density: 1,748 Iwohner/km²
Altitude: 150 m
Postal code: MD-3100
Prefix: (+373) 231-X-XX-XX
Position 47° 45'42 N
27° 55'44
Vehicle registration plate BL
Official website www.balti.md
Location in Moldova

Bălţi is the third-largest city of Moldova, and the major city in the north of the country. During the Russian Empire (1812-1917), and later the Soviet era (1940-1990) the name was also spelled Beltsy, from its form in Russian. The city is situated 135 km north of the capital Chişinău, and is located on the small river Răut, an affluent of Dniester (Nistru), among a hilly landscape, that in the Middle Ages was covered with forest, but has since been almost entirely cut down.

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